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Bloomfield Window Cleaning

We are Bloomfield’s Premier Window Cleaning Company.

Professional Residential and Commercial Window Washing Services

Bloomfield, MI- Most home owners do not clean their windows simply because it is a time consuming task and they would rather be dong something different. It is also dangerous to clean windows especially windows for commercial buildings that are more than two floors high.

Cleaning windows involve risking more so in commercial window cleaning. One has to climb ladders and hang out of windows in a window washing cart on the highest floor of a building. Most people also lack window cleaning skills and after hours of hard work, the window still contains smears and streaks. To this end, let our technicians do it for you. Our window cleaning technicians are experienced and will scrub and clean the windows for you. We use a three-step window cleaning method to achieve a streak-free, water clear window for you. No streaks. No smears. No drips.

Bloomfield Window Cleaning

Bloomfield Window Cleaning

We use a 3-step method to achieve great results

Our cleaning process is not only fast but also effective. Each of our technicians is used to the process and will apply it to give quality results in no time. The process involves:

  • Scrubbing and scouring the windows thoroughly to ensure that all grease, grime and other contaminants that may have built up on your window are removed completely.
  • The window is then squeegeed to remove water and dirt mixture from the glass to achieve a water clear look.
  • Lastly, the edges and the seals are cleaned and wiped dry to leave a sparkling looking glass.

There is no window cleaning job that challenges our technicians.

Our services speak for themselves everywhere we go and thus the reason we have garnered lots of customers over time. Our equipment and cleaning products are high class. We have ensured that the technicians we present to you at your home, your office or your business are trustworthy by running background checks on them. By being a fully insured company, we assure our clients that in case of injury or any form of damage, no costs will fall on them. The technicians always wear badges to distinguish themselves from normal visitors in your residential or commercial premises. By working for you, you can relax knowing a renowned brand is on your side.

We are a repeat and regular window cleaning service that offers quality services in Bloomfield, Michigan. Our services are tailored to the needs of the clients and we work with your schedule. Most of our clients want regular window cleaning services. To this end, we usually schedule the dates and the time. Our technicians never fail as it is in our values to offer quality services in time. We offer customized window care programs which are bespoke to meet your needs. Based on the frequency of the services, you can get great discounts. We thus give you the privilege to set your residential or commercial window cleaning schedule that is not only affordable but also effective.

Bloomfield Window Washing

Bloomfield Window Washing

These year-round services translate to cheaper services in the long run. Our prices differ with window cleaning needs but be sure to get great prices. You can get a free quote for your window if you contact us. Let our technicians assist you make a program or you can make one and let us review. You may choose to have your exterior windows cleaned after 6 months and the interior one cleaned after three months. The duration will depend on the type and amount of dirt your home, business or office is exposed to.

We bank highly on our window cleaning experience and the coaching that each of our technicians receive. Our brand speaks for itself, is fully bonded and fully insured. Use our services with confidence knowing that we stay true to our no streak and no drops guarantee. Check out for our regular discounts. Our guarantee gives you the assurance that we keep our word and you have the right team working for you. If you have any issues with your window after cleaning call us as soon as possible and we will rectify the problem. We only promise our customers high standards in job quality, customer care and professionalism.

As a bonus, our technicians will answer anything you need to know about taking care of windows to minimize build up of dirt, grease and other contaminants.

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Our commercial service provides complete coverage of the Metro Detroit Area.

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