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Macomb Window Cleaning

We are Macomb’s Premier Window Cleaning Company.

We provide residential and commercial window cleaning services for the entire metro area.

Excellent window cleaning in Macomb, Michigan

Most home owners find window cleaning task difficult because it is so time consuming, difficult, and a time it is dangerous thing to do. Window cleaning involve climbing ladders, hanging out of windows, and after many hours of work, they are left streaks and smears. Excellent WC values your time and is always ready to do scrubbing and cleaning on your behalf. Once our team is on site, they will examine your property carefully and determine the best course of action before they get to work.

Excellent Window Cleaning

Excellent Window Cleaning

Excellent WC includes a team of experience and dedicated expertise who are vetted, insured, and professionally trained to follow a diligent cleaning procedure that ensures excellent services. With such professionals, our services our guaranteed to exceed your expectations.  You only have to inform us either through a voice call or by visiting our website and filling our simple booking form.

Our team of expertise applies different means to ensure that all parts of your building are totally cleaned. They use the right tools for every job that needs to be done. For instance, our specialist use long water-fed pole that can extend as far as the fourth story of the building. Our team does not use detergents to clean, they only use purified water but the result is brilliant. They ensure that no single smudge is left on the windows after cleanness. Windows will shine after cleaning since we clean all areas including windows sills and frames.

Our window cleaning process consists of three steps. The first step involves rubbing and scrubbing of windows to release buildup grease, airborne contaminants, and grime. The window glass is then cleaned with dedicated cleaning equipment, which ensures that up to 99.9 percent of water and dirt from the pores of the glass are removed. Lastly, we wiped clean and dry edges and sills to ensure that nothing but sparkling glass is left out.

Window WashingBeing a leader in window cleaning industry with the most experienced professionals, no window cleaning job is too tough for our cleaning team. We offer comprehensive training to all our professionals in all our branches situated in different geographical locations. We also ensure that very best professional equipments are available in our branches. All employed technicians are thoroughly vetted before being employed and normally wears clear marked badges to identify themselves to you and your family. They are all under comprehensive insurance cover to ensure that no damage or injury falls back to you. Whenever you need a window cleaning job done, it is safer to call us knowing that we are a nationally ranked brand ready to offer the highest quality window cleaning service.

At Excellent WC, we offer a regular, repeat service which includes window cleaning and window washing services at avoidable prices in your neighborhood. Most of our customers seek for our services more than one after the first cleaning service. We can also customers out window cleaning program to suit your needs. Such programs come with special discounts depending on the frequency of cleaning service. We customize all our window cleaning programs to ensure that they are affordable and efficient in ensuring that your windows are clean throughout the year.

It is simple to keep your cleaning service cheaper; the more you work with our professional the more the discount. To learn more about the customize service and pricing, contact our team or visit our website. Conducting any of our professional experts is free since we offer free consultant service to all our customers. Our window care program are mainly classified into two; interior and exterior cleaning program, which are done after every six months and exterior cleaning program that are done after every three months. We customize individual needs based on location of your window and accessibility to children and pets.

Apart from couching and insuring all our technicians, we also insured all our works to ensure that all failures are medicated. We are also a licensed company, which offer every window cleaning service backed by exclusive streak-free guarantee. This is an assurance that we are responsible for everything we do. If in any chance you find that you are not satisfied with washing service that we offer, inform us and we will return within 24 hours to correct the problem to your satisfaction. Generally, our service provision standard makes us the leader in the window cleaning industry.



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Our commercial service provides complete coverage of the Metro Detroit Area.

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