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Oakland TWP Window Cleaning

We are Oakland TWP’s Premier Window Cleaning Company

We provide residential and commercial window washing services for the entire metro area.

Oakland TWP, MI- Our window cleaning company is without doubt the overwhelming favorite choice of both businesses and homeowners, as a matter of fact we are constantly getting chosen by more businesses and homeowners as their window cleaning partner than our top three competitors combined. There are several reasons why this is so, here are 7 top reasons why this is the case;

7 Top Reasons Why We Are the Best Window Cleaning Company in Town

We Offer Both Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning services

As a group of highly qualified and well equipped professionals, our company does offer window cleaning services to both commercial and residential clients. Our commercial cleaning services include but are not limited to high rise window cleaning services as well as office park and office window cleaning. Further to this, we also offer clients both storefront and high frequency window cleaning services. For our residential clients, we also have a wide array of services to this particular market segment to meet their needs and requirements.

Clarkston Window Cleaning

Clarkston Window Cleaning

We offer free quotes and price estimates

Being fully aware of the buying process of our clients and most window cleaning clients, we do provide our clients with an unconditional price estimate of quotation. In this regard, we pay very close attention to details; ensuring that we capture all the details, we ensure our quote or estimate includes the cleaning of all tracks, screens and frames. This ensures that the price we offer you in our estimates is an accurate depiction of what you have requested.

We offer competitive and affordable Cleaning Rates

As a company, we do know without any shred of doubt that we offer some of the most competitive cleaning rates when compared against our competitors. As a matter of fact, we always tell our clients to feel free and inquire about the pricing structure of our competitors and then compare it against our pricing and standards of service delivery. Even though our pricing points are quite affordable and friendly, our service provision is second to none. We don’t only strive to meet customer needs and requirements but to constantly surpass these needs and requirements.

We provide clients with flexible and convenient appointments for our clients

We are well aware that a majority of clients have day time jobs and may therefore not be available for window cleaning during working hours, in this regard, we do offer our clients very flexible working hours; we basically map our working hours to fit our clients schedule. This does also apply to commercial clients who may for one reason or the other be uncomfortable with their windows being cleaned during working hours. We are always willing and ready to talk to our clients and come up with a favorable work schedule.

Clarkston Window Washing

Clarkston Window Washing

Our cleaning professionals are qualified, licensed and insured

With years of experience in this industry, we are well aware that these high standards we have set cannot be achieves unless our team of employees is highly qualified and experienced. We are members of the International Window Cleaners Association (IWAC). It is also worth mentioning that our team members are constantly going for regular on the job training programs so as to keep abreast with the current window cleaning trends. We are also aware about the risk factors involved in carrying out our tasks and in this regard, we are not only licensed but also insured. This does ensure that anytime we come on site, all our actions and activities are covered by adequate insurance policies.

We have years of experience in this specialized field

Our team of cleaning professionals is not only well trained but does also bring along decades of experience in this highly competitive field. The team members have experience in dealing with virtually all types of windows, from horizontal sliders or gliders to single and double hung windows and anything there in between. The team is also adept at handling windows of all sizes in virtually all heights , we not only handle this effectively; our service provision is unmatched since all our team members are always at hand to bring their experience to bear. With us, no job is too small or too big, too simple or too complex; you can stay rest assured that we have done it before.

We use the latest technology 

As a company, we are fully aware that nothing really cleans as well as pure and spot free water. We pride ourselves in using the latest technologies such as portable, three stage filtration systems which are known the world over to produce perfect water. We then feed this water to our retractable carbon fiber pole which does provide our cleaners with ready access to those awkward and high windows. It is worth noting that this method is not only effective and efficient, it is also much safer and less risky to all and sundry. This does ensure that your windows are left sparkling clean with no soapy residue at all.

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Our commercial service provides complete coverage of the Metro Detroit Area.

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