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Washington TWP Window Cleaning

We are Washington TWP’s Premier Window Cleaning Company.

We provide residential and commercial window washing services for the entire metro area.

Washington TWP, MI- Clean windows enhance the appearance of a house. When the windows are sparkling clean, it shows that the home owner takes good care of their house. Many people neglect cleaning windows until they are visibly dirty forcing them to use more effort during the cleaning exercise. If you have a residential or business premises, it is a good idea to set a window cleaning schedule and then sticking to it.

Although it seems like an easy task, cleaning of windows requires some skills to ensure they are spotlessly clean. With some practice, you may be able to master the skill. However, you may not have the time and the patience to do the actual cleaning. On the other hand, you may have a storied building that requires some special skill and equipment to clean the upstairs windows. It is for this reason that you need to seek the services of a professional window cleaning company. When you choose to work with us, you can count on having extremely clean windows in your building.

Why choose our window cleaning services

Window Cleaning Squeegee

Window Cleaning with a Squeegee

We use safe cleaning products – When you task us with the job of cleaning your windows you expect us to do so safely. In order to ensure that we provide you with the best cleaning service, we use safe cleaning products that are biodegradable. We understand that you are concerned about the environment and we make every effort to do the same by using home-made cleaners that do not contain any harsh chemicals.

We use recommended materials – When you task us to clean your windows, you expect us to clean them and also leave them in a good state. With this in mind, we scrub them with a soft strip washer while wetting and scrubbing them. In addition, we use squeegees that have new rubbers to ensure that we do not at any time scratch the surface of your window. We then use dry lint free towels to wipe the water after the cleaning. We have the equipment needed to safely clean commercial buildings that are over two floors.

We are true professionals – Unlike other cleaners that use untrained staff, we only use people who have been rained in the art of cleaning windows. As a company, we are part of cleaning associations and we get regular updates on the latest trends in the window industry from glass manufacturers.

Our cleaners are trustworthy – Before we employ any person to our company, we do a background check on them to verify their record. We then monitor them on a regular basis to ensure that they meet our high standards and expectations. By the time we send them to your house or business premises, we are sure that they will handle your cleaning safely with no chance of any item getting lost. We trust our workers totally and we are confident they will earn your trust. When we are cleaning your residence, we are happy if you are home during the cleaning process. If you are not around, we like it if you leave a trusted person to open the house and windows for us.

We usually request the removal of items on or near the windows – In order to minimize the chances of an accident, we normally ask you to remove any items such as picture frames placed next to the windows. We also recommend that you remove the curtains to make our work easier. We find that many people take advantage of the window cleaning to wash their curtains.

Window Washing with a Squeegee

Window Washing

We Always Do a neat job – Although we are in the cleaning business, we try as much as we can to use a minimal amount of water. We are aware that splashing water all over may destroy your equipment such as computers that may be near the window. We therefore use a little water to ensure that we do not leave a mess behind. In addition, we have equipped our workers with shoe covers when they have to step on your carpet.

We are fully insured – Considering the level of risk involved when cleaning windows, we are fully insured and bonded in case of any unfortunate accident. However, we also ensure that we have responsible workers that are unlikely to cause damage. We have a liability policy, disability insurance and a state fund workers compensation plan.

If you are looking for a highly professional window cleaning service that has reasonable charges, we are the right company for you.

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Our commercial service provides complete coverage of the Metro Detroit Area.

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