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Top Window Cleaning tips for clean, shiny and beautiful windows all the time

Window Cleaning

Top Window Cleaning tips for clean, shiny and beautiful windows all the time

There is nothing as tedious as the chore of window cleaning especially when carrying out general cleanliness of the house. The fact that this type of cleaning is usually rarely effective coupled with the difficulty of balancing on ladders while cleaning are simply some of the things which make it such a tedious task. Good news is, at the moment there are a couple of cleaning options all of which serve as a guarantee to have your windows sparkling without necessarily stressing so much. These options are:-

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

  -Hiring a professional window cleaner

  -Installing the new revolutionary self cleaning glass widows

  -Cleaning the windows by yourself

Keep in mind, regardless of the options which you choose, the best approach to window cleaning and always looking steak is to make sure that they are cleaned on a regular basis. However, in case you choose to clean the widow by yourself then the following tips might help make your work easier.

Familiarizing yourself with basic window Cleaning products

Feel free to try out different types of cleaning products before finally deciding which one suits you the best. Doing so is very important since cleaning options tend to vary from one store to the next to home-made solutions. Some of the commonly used cleaning options include the likes of Ammonia, vinegar, borax, alcohol/Epsom salts etc. All these have proven to be very effective when used to clean window glass. For really dirty windows a 50:50 solution comprising of vinegar and water is the best for cleaning.

Cleaning Process

The best time to clean your windows is on a cloudy day since on a shiny day, light from the sun will keep drying the cleaning solution which you are using leaving behind a series on unsightly steaks which will generally make the window less appealing that before you started out.

Take time to thoroughly clean off as much dust as you can from the glass you intend to clean. Doing so is important since such dust normally turn into mud immediately it gets into contact with water in turn making it harder to clean the window. In short after dusting the windows can you then start using your chosen cleaning solution.

Use a squeegee to clean the windows since it serves as a guarantee to properly clean in a short period of time. Once the windows are clean, use the squeegee again this making sure that its blade is dry for every stroke that you take.

When cleaning, try as much as possible to use different strokes on each side of the glass. For instance, in case you settle for vertical strokes on the exterior glass, use horizontal strokes on the interior. Doing so will help you point out which side of the glass the inevitable streaks are on.

Instead of drying the glass using newspapers as it is the norm, use dry cotton wool since the formers usually tends to disintegrate quickly plus it also leaves behind deposits on the glass. Once you dried the widow successfully, feel free to use a blackboard eraser to achieve the best shine.

Removal of stubborn dirt

In case there are any stubborn dirt deposits of substances such as glue, resin etc then wet the surface of the lass first off and then scrape them off the glass surface taking care not to scratch the surface of the glass.

In case you can afford, feel free to hire professional window cleaners. Make sure that they are cleaning professionals with vast cleaning experienced, licensed and are linked to well established cleaning companies.


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