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Window Cleaning

Window Washing

Window Cleaning

If you are wanting to clean windows, then you are on the right place. This article will be helpful in guiding you step by step on how you can best clean your windows. The professional tips will ensure you get the best results, nice and clean. Basically, you will be required to have necessary tools and techniques that will enable you to go much faster and also produce the best results. Window cleaning will be achieved with the following tips.

Make certain to have all the required tools and supplies. This is a basic requirement in order avoid a bad day in your cleaning endeavors. The basic equipment include bucket, ladders, scrapper, cloths and a t- applicator. This is all you need and you will have to think on how best you will clean the window.

Window Washing

Window Washing

Remove all the sliding windows if you find it necessary to clean. Most windows can be removed especially one in high-rise window cleaning. You can do this by lifting up the section that slides and pull it out into the room. However it might pose a challenge to clean the exterior surface of the high–rise windows.

Now, Fill the bucket or dishpan with water and add some amount of any detergent of your choice.

Remove the window’s screens that may be hanging against the wall or the windows. It is important to remove the dust in case of any rainstorm that will blow dust to your windows. To clean the window, lift out its tracks and rub it together and splash it with the running nose. At this point, you will be required to use a rag or any window wand to remove all the dirt.

Get rid of all the cobwebs you might come across. Use an old broom or a cloth.

Use a garden hose to remove any excess dust or dirt from the outside of the window. It is advisable to rinse one window at a time. Make certain to do this immediately before you plan to wash your windows. This is essential to avoid water spots when the window dries.

With the soaked sponge, clean the widow frame free of dust and dirt.

With the soaked sponge, you can start cleaning your window with one of the following methods.

Start from the upper-right of the window and make the S shape direction downwards until you get to the bottom of the window and repeat the same procedure upwards until all the dirt is removed.

Alternatively, you can start cleaning from the upper right corner and the drag the cloth straight down. Use a dry sponge to dry any trace of water that may remain. Start cleaning on the next line until you finish.

Finally, clean all the window panes dry all the windows using a dry cloth or a chamois.

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