Awards & Affiliations


2013 Jennifer VanAlstine, President of Excellent Window Cleaning was appointed to the Board of Directors of the International Window Cleaning Association

Jennifer was appointed to the Board of Directors of the International Window Cleaning Association, by the current president, and confirmed by a vote of the Board of Directors. Jennifer is involved in convention committee, where she is assists in planning the annual convention. She directly oversees the Ronald McDonald House charity window cleaning in the convention location city.

2012 Excellent Window Cleaning’s Residential Supervisor Receives IWCA Residential Certification.

Theodore LeGard, Residential Supervisor, successfully completed all certification requirements by the International Window Cleaning Association’s Residential Window Cleaning Certification Program. This certification covers not only best practices, but industry specific safety standards. Theo’s certification insures that all residential operations are completed safely, following all OSHA and Industry specific standards.


2010 Jonathan Hood, President of Excellent Window Cleaning was appointed Secretary of the International Window Cleaning Association

By majority vote of the members of the IWCA, Jonathan Hood was elected and appointed Secretary of the IWCA.  As one of the four officers of the IWCA Jonathan Hood will continue to work on improving professionalism and safety in the window cleaning industry.


2009 Jonathan Hood, President of Excellent Window Cleaning in Rochester Hills was Honored with the Prestigious ETTORE Award at the 2009 Annual International Window Cleaning Association Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

The ETTORE Award is given annual to one or more individuals who have exhibited selfless dedication and devotion to the improvement of the window cleaning industry.  Hood was granted this tremendous honor because of his years of service and improvement to the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA).  Before being elected to the Board of Directors in 2005, Hoods company was involved with the IWCA for nearly ten years.  In 2004 Hood hosted a regional safety training program here in metro Detroit.  Once elected to the BOD Hood worked vigorously to improve IWCA member benefits, education and training.  In 2009 Hood was elected to serve as an officer of the IWCA as Secretary.

Because of these and several other unmentioned accomplishments along with the countless hours and travel involved with the success of Hoods involvement, Hood was honored with the ETTORE Award.  This award is an extreme honor that Hood is humbled to receive.  “I am greatly appreciative of this award and honored to receive it and join the ranks of those who have received it before me” Hood comments.


2008 Window Cleaner of the Year Award

Theodore LeGard a team supervisor here at Excellent Window Cleaning, was honored with the Window Cleaner of the Year Award at the annual, International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) convention and trade show.  Jonathan Hood, President of Excellent Window Cleaning, nominated Theodore LeGard for the award which was presented during the opening banquet on Wednesday, February 13th.   This award is presented annually to a window cleaning professional that has exhibited honesty and integrity not only in their profession but also in their personal life.


2007 Professional Image Award

Once again EWC has been given the prestigious Professional Image Award from the IWCA(International Window Cleaning Association).  We received the award at the IWCA Annual Convention in Nashville, TN in February.  This award is presented annually to a member company that has excelled in exhibiting professionalism in all of its operations.


2004 Professional Image Award

In 2004, the IWCA honored EWC by presenting us with the Professional Image Award.


Jonathan Hood serves on the IWCA Board of Directors

In February of 2005, Jonathan Hood, President of EWC, was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the IWCA where he plans to assist in their efforts to proactively promote professionalism and integrity in the industry.  In 2008 Hood was voted in to continue on the Board of Directors for another two year term.


Member IWCA

The IWCA is the premier association for the window cleaning industry and focuses on developing professionalism and standards of safety, representing the interests of the industry at large. Their goal is to promote education, safety training and community involvement among window cleaning professionals.  You can learn more about the IWCA at http://www.iwca.org


Member IWCCI

The International Window Cleaner Certification Institute (IWCCI) is an organization dedicated to job safety in the window cleaning industry. As a non-profit organization, the IWCCI provides a program that takes experienced workers, and provides them with educational materials to achieve specific levels of certification.


Member BOMA Metro Detroit

The Building Owners and Managers Association of Metro Detroit is the premier association of commercial real estate professionals.  BOMA Metro Detroit is comprised of nearly 400 members and is part of a dynamic federation of 16,000+ individuals that collectively represent over 9 billion square feet of commercial properties and facilities throughout the United States.  BOMA Metro Detroit is active in improving our communities through charitable events and contributions.  You can learn more about BOMA at http://www.bomadet.org



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