Commercial Window Cleaning

At Excellent Window Cleaning we are able to offer window cleaning service on all types of commercial properties ranging from just one story to mid-rise structures.  Whatever type of property you are managing, we can service it whether it is a storefront, retail shopping center, car dealership, low to mid-rise office building and beyond.
No matter the type or size of job, SAFETY and QUALITY are always our primary focus.  We belong to the IWCCI (International Window Cleaners Certification Institute) which means our service staff are thoroughly trained in every aspect of window cleaning safety.  Additionally, we follow ANSI/IWCA I-14 Safety requirements for window cleaning.  For you that means, your building will be serviced without accidents, injuries or OSHA fines.

-2460153243db88Pure Water Technology

This new technology that is transforming the window cleaning industry is available to you from Excellent Window Cleaning. We are able to offer ladderless window cleaning services using Deionized / Purified Water technology with our state of the art $20,000.00 truck mounted DI/RO waterfed pole system. With the DI/RO process, impurities in ordinary tap water are completely removed and the water becomes an aggressive cleaning agent without the use of detergents or chemicals.  Purified water is pumped through specially designed extension poles with high tech brush heads that work together to clean your windows up to five stories high right from the ground!  That means we can safely clean hard to reach and inaccessible areas without the use of ladders.  This is great for OSI Certified and ´Green´ properties as it eliminates your risk of liability from ladders or staging equipment.  You will enjoy sparkling windows from pure, environmentally friendly, deionized water that will not leave any residue or streaks. Your windows will stay cleaner, longer.  Your windows will dry spot free and streak free even in direct sunlight.  Not only can your windows be cleaned but also your frames, awnings and retail signs.

You and your clients can benefit from the expertise and experience that Excellent Window Cleaning provides. As a leader in the window cleaning industry we offer you, professional window cleaning services for commercial properties including office buildings – single story to mid rise, condominiums, apartment buildings and more. Excellent Window Cleaning is fully insured, OSHA and ANSI compliant and our service staff is Safety Certified. Using traditional window cleaning equipment or ´ladderless´ window cleaning with Pure Water Technology we can make a great impression that you and your clients will appreciate because we are able to meet the high standards that your company delivers with our courteous, uniformed and experienced staff.

You and your clients deserve the best service and workmanship available.  We can promptly deliver a price quote to you for your properties in need of service.  For the buildings you manage in Oakland, Macomb County and beyond, look to Excellent Window Cleaning, your window cleaning experts.

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Our commercial service provides complete coverage of the Metro Detroit Area.